Best Android Video Editor App 2020

Best Android Video Editor App 2020

Best Android Video Editor App

Editing videos is a daunting task for any device. However, there are some video editing apps for smartphones that have excellent video editing capabilities, even under such restrictions. Today we will discuss the Best Android Video Editor App

Best YouTube Video Editor App

Kinemaster App

If you’re thinking of being a YouTube video creator, then Kinmaster is not unknown to you. It is an advanced video editing app with many useful features like trimming, cropping, video layering, and advanced features. Kinemaster also has audio filters, video transitions, video effects and many more features. For the ‘Chroma key’ feature, this app got more popularity. Using this feature, you can add favorite videos or pictures by removing the green screen on the video. Although not as powerful as computer video editors, the Kinemaster app for android is at the top of users’ choice as a YouTube video editor.

Filmora Go App 

Maybe the best android video Editor app. Filmora Go is a video editing app that provides many free tools and features. App has necessary video editing tools like trim, cut, render, etc. There are also features for reverse Video, square video on Instagram (1: 1), and a 16:9 ratio for YouTube. In addition to these advantages, slow-motion, transition, video filters, overlays, and even the ability to add songs. Most features of the app can be enjoyed for free, but some premium features will also be available in exchange for extra money.

Power Director App 

Power Director is an all-in-one video editing app. This app is filled with numerous video editing tools, features, and effects. It also has all the fantastic features like collage maker, slow motion. With the standard timeline editor interface, the app is straightforward to work.

Basically, if you use a large display device, such as a tablet or Chrome book, the Power Director app will not disappoint you.

InshotPro App 

If you are searching for Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok Video Editing App, the InshotPro app will bring a sense of relief to you. Video, song, voiceover, effects can be added to the video using the InshotPro app. There is also the opportunity to add stickers and text. It also has slow motion, fast motion, and various features. Besides all the advantages, the basic editing features, such as cut, crop, trim, are all there. Apart from video, there is also the benefit of photo editing in the app.

Adobe Premiere Rush App 

Best YouTube Video Editor App

Although newer than the other apps on this list, there is no reason to doubt the functionality of the Adobe Premiere Rush app. This app retains the reputation of Adobe’s computer software. Besides all the basic video editing features, Adobe Premier Rush offers some additional features. However, users have to spend a certain amount of money to enjoy the excellent benefits of multi-track syncing, cloud syncing. 

Viva Video App

Viva video app is the best YouTube video editor app. The app does not have any alternative for short video editing, mainly for social media. The Viva video app has a storyboard-type video editing interface. That means you can edit, trim, cut, and add music, as needed. The app has more than 20 video filters, slow motion, and fast motion support.

 Video Show App 

The video show is not a professional quality video editing app; it is a video making app suitable for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Using the app, you can trim videos, arrange clips, and add songs. The app also uses emoji to add videos, add filters, add text, and use the app.

Movie Maker Filmmaker App

Movie Maker Filmmaker is a free and ad-free video editing app and has basic features like cut, crop, trim, and recorder, as well as all other advanced features. This app has many video effects. You can also create your custom video filters. The Chroma Key feature is also available in the Movie Maker Filmmaker app. And there are all the necessary features like adding music. 

Quick App

Quick Video Editing App offers all the video editing features. If you upload up to 50 pictures or video clips to the app, the app will make a short video by analyzing all the photos and videos. There are also more than 20 video styles. Even though the app is a little different from the other apps in this list, but can do its job well.

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