Curious to know how long does RAM last? We can help you

The RAM is frequently one of the top 3 most important components of a computer. Ignore investing in good RAM capacity, and you’ll find yourself hardly able to do anything. Sometimes, to save money you’d have to use your old computer’s RAM on the new PC. But have you question how long does RAM last before it must be replaced? Dive in to know the answer!

How Long Does RAM Last? The Ins-and-outs

How long does RAM last?

Practically speaking, a RAM will last forever. Due to the way RAMs are designed and built, they are very resistant to heat degradation. Unlike motherboards or computer fans, RAMs don’t contain components that are fragile such as capacitors, so the risk of RAM failure is very low.

External damage or excessive heat during usage may shorten the lifespan of a RAM. However, these incidents are rare, so you, as users and aspiring PC builders, should not be too concerned with it. In fact, most RAM modules come with a lifetime warranty to ensure that your RAM lasts as long as possible.

That said, however, there is a good chance that your RAM will become obsolete before they become unusable. As of right now, DDR SDRAM has already been superseded by the more advanced DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. Specifications of the DDR5 DRAM have just also been released on 14th July this year. 

A Kingston DDR3 DRAM


Essentially, this implies that while you can technically use your DDR2 DRAM until it’s broken, you are more likely to have replaced it with DDR4s or DDR5s before then. And don’t try to reuse old-generation RAMs either, since the DDR4 has effectively 4 times the top bus clock speed of the DDR2.

In the case of a not working as usual, however, you can attempt to fix it by relocating to another slot. RAMs are usually installed in slots 1 and 3, or slots 2 and 4 on the motherboard for dual-channel purposes.

How to test your RAM’s age? 

Occasionally, you might want to check your RAM’s current status to see if there have been any errors or damages to the memory, effectively testing the “age” of the RAM. 

To do this, the most commonly used method is by a memory diagnostic tool. Each computer brand may have its own version of diagnostic tool, you can also use universal tools such as Memtest86. You can find them at this link.

How Long Does RAM Last Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool


To test your RAM’s age, you can use your system’s primary diagnostic tool first to get a basic knowledge of your RAM’s status. Refrain from making any changes and use an additional tool such as Memtest86 to enhance the results further. This will give you the fullest report of your current status. Use that status report to determine what needs to be done to take care of your RAM.


RAMs contribute a large part in ensuring your computer runs smoothly. Knowing how long does RAM last means that you can plan and build your PC better. You can always get by with less expensive PC cases or monitors, but always try to invest well in your internal hardware. Good luck building!

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