Garmin Dash Cam 55 vs. 65 [Review & Buying Guide]

There are many vehicle dash cams available in the market, but the Garmin product stands out as a unique brand. Hence this article is about comparing Garmin Dash Cam 55 vs. 65, highlighting all the features.

Best Choice: Garmin Dash Cam 65

This is the last device in the Garmin lineup, and although it does not have much difference from the Garmin 55. The primary difference and selling point of this Garmin Dash Cam 65 is that it has a 180-degree wide-angle. If you need a lens that can cover wide angles, this camera is your best option.

It comes with several other languages installed hence suitable for persons who do not understand or speak English. The voice command prompt comes in different popular languages such as French, German, and Italian.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 comes with the same factor as the Garmin Dash Cam 45, with the significant difference being the megapixel count from 2.1 to 3.7 megapixels. They also added a few resolutions that can help to suit the preferences of different people.

Product Comparison: Garmin Dash Cam 55 vs. 65

Dash Cam 65

Brand: BlackVue
Model: Dash Cam 65
About the Product: this cam is easy to use and comes with a high definition of a 2.0 inches LCD. It captures a larger part of the environment and cross-traffic. It comes with a GPS to get adequate time and location information. This cam can help you get quality video detail in both low and bright light conditions.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Brand: Garmin
Model: Dash Cam 55
About the Product: this camera captures the entire road and comes with a GPS for time and location data. It would help if you mounted the camera on your windshield to record your drive time in 1440p.

Key Specs:

Garmin Dash Cam 65

Type: Monoblock with a display
Shooting Mode (Front): 1920*1080
Display Size: 2 in.

What customers say about Key Specs:

Customers have seen that this camera is user friendly, and you do not even need a manual. Also, the video quality is superb, having a 1080p. The viewpoint is 180 degrees, and if the camera is in the center of the windshield, you can see both pillars.

The dashcam is tiny and is solidly built rectangles with a 2-inch LCD screen; it comes with a four-button on the right, and the lens protrudes from the front; this helps to reduce the reflection from the dashcam.

It also has an excellent screen resolution; the small form fact makes it easy to use.

However, a customer has complained that the camera will no longer turn on after a month despite the video quality and ease of use.

Garmin Dash Cam 55


Garmin Dash Cam 55


Type: Monoblock with a display
Shooting Mode (Front): 2160*1440
Display Size: 2 in.

What customers say about Key Specs

  • Has multiple resolutions present; 1440p, 1080p/60, 1080p/30/HDR.
  • They come in-dash cams that are tiny and built-in rectangles with a 2-inch LCD screen with a protruding lens in the front.
  • You can playback recordings from the 55 dashcams since it comes with an LCD screen. The bottom button is used to confirm the selection while the top button is perfect to go back.
  • Customers complained about the resolution; even with the highest resolution it can get, 1440*30, it is still challenging to read a license plate if you are close to the car.

Size & Weight:

Garmin Dash Cam 55

  • Height: 1.6 in.
  • Width: 2.2 in.
  • Depth: 1.4 in.
  • Weight: 2.1 oz.
  • Garmin Dash Cam 65
  • Height: 1.6 in.
  • Width: 2.2 in.
  • Depth: 1.4 in.
  • Weight: 2.2 oz.


Front Sensor Resolution: 3.7MP
Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
Night Vision: Yes

What customers say about Video

Its field of view is perfect as the camera covers a wide area. It is quite broad than usual but not very high, and it comes with a parking record feature.

Coming with fantastic video quality, it is brighter than many other cameras that are of a good standard.

Although there have been some complaints about the camera being shaky due to the magnetic mount.

The night glare is terrible, and it isn’t easy to read a license plate at night, and recording while parked does not work all through the night.

Garmin Dash Cam 65

Garmin Dash Cam 65


Front Sensor Resolution: 2.1MP
Viewing Angle: 180 degrees
Night Vision: Yes


What customers say about Video

  • Playback resolution is very detailed, and it sees through the night very well.
  • The camera is small, easy to install, and has many fantastic features.
  • Voice control of this camera is top-notch, with the quality being fantastic and saving a still image.
  • But one of the issues customers face with this camera is that it records long trips on one file without breaking, and it comes with a lot of difficulties reading plate numbers at night.


Garmin Dash Cam 55

Garmin Dash Cam 55


Recording Modes: it has a continuous, park and event recording mode
Indication: operation status LED
Sensor(s): G-sensor
GPS: yes
WiFi: yes
Power: DC 12V
Extras: has perfect quality 3.7 megapixels with a 1440p video capture. It has voice control that will allow you to start and stop recording. It wirelessly syncs videos to your smartphone and serves more or less like an eye witness that never blinks

What customers say about ‘Features.’

  • The in-built voice control is proper for saving videos; this is better than looking for the buttons.
  • It comes with a useful WiFi feature that is relatively easy to use, and it records time, date, GPS, and car speed, which are the essential details you need for the car.
  • When recording is red, the light indicator is not quite bright enough when it is on during the day.

Garmin Dash Cam 65

Recording Modes: Continuous and event recording modes
Indication: Operation status LED
Sensor(s): G-sensor
GPS: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Power: DC 12V
Extras: comes with a 180-degree field of view that can capture the environment, including traffic.

What customers say about ‘Features.

Some customers did not experience any overheating that several other reviewers noticed. The time voice is a useful feature and can work without you being there.
Also, there is a time-lapse video feature, which is pretty cool. But it comes with a rather horrible voice recognition which often picks up random noises from music playing around.

Warranty / Certifications:

The warranty for both cameras is one year. And its certification is CE.

What is the Best Garmin Dash? – Cam 55 vs. 65

Garmin Dash Cam 55

The dashcam is very easy to install, and it comes with an included magnet mount
It has a reasonable price that can fit into your budget
ii. Cons
The bright lights that come with the camera can distort the images
Also, adhesive support of the mounts will wear out with time

Garmin Dash Cam 65


Garmin Dash Cam 65

Comes with a wide-angle lens and can capture both front and side images
It is lightweight and comes with a durable design that is easy to install
Dash camera comes with lots of features
Cool prices that can fit into your budget
ii. Cons
The wide-angle camera comes with a fish-eye appearance
Cannot be used in extreme temperatures

Compatible Software

The difficulty of removing the MicroSD and chances of forgetting to put it back is all gone; Garmin has eliminated this problem by providing a free software called the VIRB app. With this feature, you can review photos and videos with your phone.

Automatic Features

In this article, Garmin Dash Cam 55 vs. 65, both dashcams have automatic features like an incidence detector, making the camera quickly record when detecting anything happening around the car or instructing it to do so. It also detects and warns you of lane departures. It also has a GO signal that notifies you when the light at an intersection turns green.

Optional Extras

It comes with an opportunity to install the automatic parking mode; this feature is optional because you have to purchase an additional cable to enable this. It starts to record when the engine is not running – monitoring the car surrounding for any movement.

Buying Tips for Gamin 55 and 65

The information here can help you decide on the dashcam you need, but it is better to decide what you need from the device.

Final Thoughts

These two dash cams are unique with many similar features; you should ensure you get the products installed with the manufacturer’s recommendations to get the best functioning from either of them.

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