Here are the top tech certifications across fields like cloud and cybersecurity to land a job at Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, and more

technology sector
needs fresh blood.

In the first two months of 2022, employment in the industry increased by more than 20,000 positions, according to an analysis by training firm CompTIA. And that recent growth is only a portion of the 15-month streak of consecutive employment growth in the sector.

Companies have been frantically searching for qualified candidates to hire, frequently paying six figures or more to reel in top talent. To stand out in the process, recruiters and other industry insiders are recommending workers pursue certifications — a standards-driven way for candidates to show that they’re proficient in the skills needed to thrive in a career in programming or IT.

But the certifications and skills that have the most bang for a job candidate’s buck vary widely depending on the company and position. That’s why Insider rounded up the most sought-after skill sets at companies like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, and more to help workers navigate which certification to pursue next.

Demand for cloud skills is growing and certifications are highly sought after by employers
A gap between the skills companies need and the qualified talent has led to a spike in demand. Candidates with cloud computing certifications can prove they’ll be able to bring those highly sought after skills to a firm.

Cloud giants like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google all offer their own product-specific certifications that usually come in handy if a company runs on one of those clouds. But there are general cloud skills workers can pursue, too, to make themselves more marketable.These cybersecurity certifications help employees earn average salaries of $119,000
How much workers can earn with a cybersecurity certification depends on the level and specialization of the certification they pursue.

Generally, higher-tier certifications earn more. Companies like Cisco, however, offer a range of cybersecurity education offerings that range from specific areas of technology to general knowledge. Areas like cloud security in particular are known to be in high demand given the current shortage of knowledgeable talent, and even people with existing skills in cloud computing can earn more when they obtain a new cybersecurity certification.

Many types of developer roles exist, and workers will have to ensure they’re pursuing the right skills for the role they want
Becoming a developer is a common way to enter the tech field. Available roles, however, vary widely and can include front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Online courses are usually a free or low-cost way to get started in programming. Some programming languages are more profitable than others, with SQL, CSS, and Java near the top of the list.

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