How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

The world is a global village. We are in link with every person sitting on any part of the earth. Saving massive data and record is not on paper now. We can keep it on our laptops very easily. It is portable; we can take it with us even when we are on a long journey.

 If your laptop charger or charging port has broken or something has gone wrong with the charging, then soon, your laptop will be out of hand. If you are doing school assignments or an introductory presentation, you have to submit very urgently. Suddenly, your computer turns off because of the battery issue, making the new one waste your precious time and energy.

If you are suffering from these problems, then this article is recommended for you.

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

Before diving into the hacks to temporarily charge your laptop, let us know why your computer is not charging.

  • One of the most superficial reasons your laptop is not charging will be the end of its lifetime.
  • Another reason could be that the port of the computer is faulty.
  • One of the main reason is that the wall socket is faulty which majority of people don’t bother and ignore it.
  • If the charging cord cable is defective, then definitely it will not charge your laptop correctly.
  • It might be possible that the laptop’s charger is faulty and it does not perform its function effectively.

Here you have to find out which reason is responsible for creating a laptop charging problem. So find it out it resolve it in no time.

If an individual does not pay attention to all these points, he might face many issues and problems. Sometimes you need to replace the charger or even laptops. It is challenging to buy a new laptop at once. And it can waste your time, money, and energy. So if you want to resolve this issue rapidly, you must think about charging the laptop in any external way or manually.

Now let’s jump right into the points that will guide you to charge your laptop externally:

1. Using a universal type adapter

When you are doing some critical work and your battery is dead, then a universal adapter can ease you and use a universal adapter to recharge your battery. It may be possible that a universal adapter does not work for your laptop because some universal adaptors only charge few laptops, not all. So before purchasing it, make sure that you are buying the right one for it. Applying this technique with care is very necessary. The reason behind this is that the processor of the laptop builds batteries in such a way that it can be compatible only with their adapters. So one of the essential tips to know the laptop’s quality is checking the reviews of the people who have purchased it. This thing will enormously help you a lot.

2. External battery charger

While talking about the hacks you can use when the conventional methods are not working, you cannot ignore the essential point of using an external battery charger.

It charges the battery directly, which means that first, what you have to do is separate the battery from the laptop and then connect it with the battery. An individual can buy an external battery charger to support his computer. Ensure that you are using the right charger as the connector of the charger is according to the laptop’s connector.

To know whether the external charger is for your computer, you must read the company’s charger’s specifications.

3. Travelling adapter

Many times you come across the situation that they need to travel and go outside of the homes. In such a case, you are supposed to charge your laptops, so here you need an adapter. It is also a universal adapter, but one can use it anywhere, even in cars, trains, or roads.

4. Portable laptop charger.

You can buy a portable charger very quickly from nearby markets or online, and they are convenient and easy to use. But it is your responsibility to buy the best charger for your convenience. If anyone has a different model laptop, they can also use it to charge their laptop.

5. Ac adaptor

Are you unaware of the ac adaptor? Don’t worry. We are here to guide you in a better way. So you can charge your laptop by ac adaptor but keep one thing in mind the battery of the computer must have an AC adaptor hookup that helps to set it. In this way, you can connect ac adaptor to the port, but if, in any case, your battery does not have this port, then buy a port from the nearby shop and connect it with your laptop battery. 

6. Power bank can help to charge the laptop battery.

One of the convenient ways to charge your laptop battery is by setting it via a power bank. All you need is a USB-C Charging port that can resolve your issue in a better way. Just connect the USB port with the laptop it works magically. This method will never get to fell into trouble.

7. Does solar energy charge your laptop battery?

The ecofriendly and natural resource for charging costs you nothing, and available in huge abundance is a reality. You can now set your battery with solar energy. This method is one of the most emerging ways because of availability and convenience. A solar energy kit manufactured specially to charge the laptop can help you resolve your problem. Solar panels present in them convert the solar energy into electricity that can set the computer’s battery.

8. Buy a new battery

If it is easy to replace your battery, then go with it and buy a new battery for your laptop to run it smoothly. Check the battery specification before purchasing it. 

In this way, you can charge your laptop internally.

9. Super laptop batteries

If you don’t want to charge your laptop again and your computer can replace the battery, you should think about buying the super laptop battery. It would run about seven hours. So you can recharge your original battery while this one is performing its function.


  • Safe your laptop from sunlight. It will save the battery.
  • Prevent the battery by covering it, especially when they are outside.
  • Never mix up the wires while setting the changing arrangement. It may be dangerous sometimes because of lithium present in them.


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