How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Try the following options when faced with a situation where there is need to know how to charge laptop battery manually.

Tips On How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Using USB

Most modern laptops have more than one USB port. By attaching a USB cable, you can manually charge your laptop battery. However, most people only use the ports USB ports to charge smaller devices like phones. The USB cable is also essential when transferring data from the laptop to other devices.

The knowledge about the variations in these ports is therefore vital. For instance, the A-type port is strictly designed to transfer power. The B-type is designed to supply power, while the C-type can be used as an alternative.

Super-Laptop Batteries

how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop

The advantage of using the Super Laptop Battery lies in up to 7 hours of power back-up. This is longer than most laptop batteries can last. The procedure involves the removal of the drained battery and replacing it with the supercharger. There is no need to carry the original charger for the Super Laptop Battery.

Solar Panel

Is your house fixed with a solar panel? It doesn’t have to be the panels than run domestic heating systems. A one-bulb capacity solar panel is capable of charging your laptop battery manually. This involves using a solar charging kit. The solar panel converts the Sun’s energy into electric current. This can help you learn how to charge laptop battery without charger. The advantage of modern solar charging kits is that most are portable, foldable and have hyper-sensitive photo-voltaic cells. They can be used to charge batteries across most computer models.

Using an External Battery Charger

This is how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop. The above device cannot be directly plugged into the laptop. The battery needs to be removed and connected to an external charge, then connected to the socket. Once charging is complete, the charger is then removed and the battery fixed back. The advantage of external battery chargers is their specificity to different laptop models and safe to use. The steps on how to charge your laptop battery externally are also simple.

how to charge laptop battery externally

Universal Power Adapter

Can be convenient in terms of power supply, but may be risky. They are specific to certain models of laptops. The charging process of this device involves plugging the power adapter to the laptop and the charging commences. Before purchasing a universal power adapter, it is essential to read through the features and specs carefully.

AC Adapter

It is also possible to manually charge your laptop battery using an AC adapter using the AC adapter port. In case your laptop lacks this feature, purchase a connector from a computer shop.

Other methods on how to charge laptop battery externally

how to charge laptop battery without charger

Cigarette lighter

This is meant for smokers who spend most of their time behind the wheel. You can use the cigarette lighter that is available in most vehicle models to charge your laptop manually. Simply connect your laptop adapter to it and your laptop battery is kept charging during the ride.

Cell phone

To manually charge your laptop, simply use a USB Type-C cable to connect your mobile device to the laptop. From making this little effort, your laptop won’t shut down. Final Thoughts? Even though the above alternative ways of how to charge laptop battery manually can come in handy under certain circumstances, it is always essential to use the original charger. This enables a long battery span and improves the performance of your device.

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