How To Get More Ink Out Of Cartridge To Last Longer

Ink cartridges are expensive to acquire, especially when you are using branded printer cartridges like Brother. Therefore, it is important to use cartridge until it’s the last drop of ink is over. Wondering, how can you do this? Do not worry! Here we have 7 easy ways to how to get more ink out of cartridge.

How To Get More Ink Out Of Cartridge

How To Get More Ink Out Of Cartridge

Reset Printer Cartridge Memory

Ink and toner cartridges work from electronic chip installed on the printer cartridge. It helps to convey a message to the printer and act according to printer command. When dust or dirt particles accumulate on this chip, it starts sending “low ink warning” notifications on the printer LCD. But these warning does not mean its a time to replace the ink cartridge. Resetting the printer cartridge memory can prolong cartridge life and helps printer a few more pages before natural death. Here, we have steps to reset Brother printer cartridge settings:

Separate printer cartridge from the printer as per manufacturer instructions.

Find out the circuit on the cartridge and look around the small hole.

Insert paper clip inside the tiny memory resetting hole. You see, printer cartridge will start from zero, and you will be able to get printouts.

Use Only Recommended Paper

There are several paper brands and models available in the market. But all these are not suitable for your printer and needs. Every manufacturer defines a particular paper in the user manual to guide customers. So, if you start using the same kind of paper, you can avoid paper jams issues. Even the right use of per helps to prolong your printer life.

Store Cartridge In Proper Conditions Only

Ink and toner cartridge storage conditions play a prominent role to boost cartridge life. Therefore, always store the sealed cartridge under room temperature. Be sure; the place must be dry and unaffected by pests. Do not open cartridge until you are going to use it. This will reduce cartridge shelf life by almost half by clogging or evaporating.

If you are not a frequent printer user, keep the cartridge in an airtight bag that can prevent it from drying out. Take out only when you are going to use it.

Use Printer Regularly

Regular use of printer keeps the ink nozzle in working conditions. Whereas, if you use printer occasionally, the ink will clog into the nozzle and create trouble in your next printouts. Therefore, you need to either clean the cartridge manually or run the automatic cartridge cleaning cycle. Both ways affect ink and run out a high portion of ink during cleaning function. Hence, the best way is to print a couple of pages once a week. It will make cartridge running properly.

Switch Off Printer When Not In Use

Power off the printer is the best way to save electricity and ink from wasting. When a printer is a power on, its cartridge and other functions are active that invite dust and debris to enter. All these lead to a clogging issue. Therefore, it will be better to power off the printer and cap the cartridge to prevent unwanted dust particles accumulation.

Bypass Low Ink Warnings

Printer warnings are reliable. But it will be better to bypass some of the printer warnings. One of them is a “low ink warning” by the printer. Printer cartridges are created by installing an electronic chip. It guides the user for ink cartridge replacement when ink reaches a minimum level. But, it does not mean you need to replace ink cartridge now. Take time and wait for your ink cartridges online order, and you start getting faded results. Till then, you will get enough printouts. Sometimes, the printouts reach to 100 means ane bonus on your printouts. You can also cover the chip sensor with tape that will bypass ink warnings.

Clean Printer Cartridge Regularly

When the ink cartridge nozzle is clogged, it will start producing faded results. This is an alarming time to clean ink cartridge nozzle. You can clean it either manually or automatically. If you are using manually, remove cartridge carefully, and use warm distilled water. Wipe it properly with a cotton cloth or paper towel and then insert the cartridge into the printer. Give a command for test pages and check print status. Cleaning also makes the optimum flow of ink and toner cartridges.

Shake the Cartridge

It may seem awkward to shake cartridge and take the benefit of the last drop. But its really a great idea. Sometimes you start getting bad printouts. It does mean ink is over as the ink settles at one corner of the cartridge. Here shaking the cartridge like TV remote really can wonder. Be careful and shake gently then insert the cartridge into the printer. You will start getting regular printouts.

Bottom Line

Brother ink cartridges are created after conducting several researches and development. Therefore, these cartridges are known for their superior quality and high prices. It will be worthless to waste ink of Brother cartridge if you have a number of good options to use cartridge till the last drop.

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