Karnox Gaming Chair Review

2021 has been a challenging year. With no place to go and having to spend months in quarantine, my only solace was gaming. Due to sitting on my gaming desk for hours, my back was practically begging me to indulge in some other activity. Soon, I realized that the problem was not my lack of focus. Instead, It was my previous cheap gaming chair that was the real culprit. 

People who spend an hour or two in gaming can be satisfied with a budget-friendly chair with no ergonomics or adjustability. But for us gamers, who start their day with a good battle royale and end it with a 4-hour session of the league of legends. The supreme comfort and ultra adjustability matter a lot. And these are the qualities that made Karnox a rising brand of 2021. 

Karnox Gaming Chair Review

Karnox gaming chairs are a bit expensive. At first, I was a little conscious about spending such a hefty amount on just a chair, but I had to change my opinion. When you sleep on your bed with a relaxed pain-free spine after spending your whole day in the chair, only then will you truly appreciate this chair’s comfort level, and the price would seem fair. In this article, I’ll give you solid reasons to buy these chairs, and man, trust me; they are worth every single penny.

Karnox Gladiator SR Edition

Karnox Gladiator SR Edition

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The gladiator SR is more or less like a mammoth of a chair. It gives those gladiator vibes as it is tall, wide and, has a nice build. The strong steel frame comprises an aluminum alloy base with rolling wheels attached to it.

Now the most important thing. Whenever you go to buy a chair, the first thing you look at is the seat. It has to be not too plush, not too hard, but just a perfect combo of both.

If your girlfriend is super into aesthetics and always complains about how your gaming apparatus ruins the whole apartment’s look. Well, you would be pleased to know that the gladiator SR edition comes in both white and pink colors with a contrasting black. Isn’t that beautiful?

The chair’s extra features are the adjustable armrests that can be moved up, down, left, right, or to any angle. Other than that, the chair can be reclined up to 150 degrees and can withstand 400 lbs. Summing up all the features, it is a great ergonomic chair with all possible features to prevent medical issues.

Karnox Legend V Edition

Karnox Legend V Edition

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Karnox Legend V Edition is another outstanding accomplishment of this company. If you take a good look at the chair, you will notice the aggressive and bold styling. There are these triangular cutouts in the shoulder area that imparts a fierce eye look. The chair is available in black color with a grey design on it. It looks awe-inspiring with that two-tone color. 

The fierce, aggressive design is not the only highlighting feature of this chair. Karnox is providing you with a dense foam padded cushion with cool foam technology. It means that you won’t feel hot even after playing for six hours. Such a cushioning is perfect for your back. You would not need any session with your physiotherapist after spending your full day on this chair. 

For extra comfort, it comes along with lumbar and neck cushions. Due to the bucket-seat style side support, it is very comforting. Above all, it has the reclining capability of up to 180 degrees, which means you can easily take a nap on it without any issue. The weight capacity is 300 lbs and, it has a wide seat and tall back.

For its construction, they have used a steel frame. It also features caster wheels to move freely. All in all, It is a marvelous chair that is worth trying thanks to its extraordinary features and classic design.

You are a legend and, all you need is to come and sit on this legendary chair.

Karnox Legend TR Edition

Karnox Legend TR Edition

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Playing games comes with fatigue and, you need a chair that can allow you to play without tiring. For this problem, you can turn to Karnox legend TR edition. It is a chair that has a wide padded seat, soft padded headrest, and lumbar side support. It has a memory foam seat that is not easily deformed. The arm set pad is much broader; hence it provides better support.

The shape of the chair is designed to maintain the perfect sitting posture of a person. It comes with head and back pillows for extra support. The chair uses PU leather with a black accent stitching. 

Small and large build people can easily use this chair. The recommended height for it is 6’2″. It is made up of a steel frame and has a strong base. The outer cover of the chair made out of plush cozy leather is entirely skin-friendly. The material of the chair is water-resistant. As a result, the chair is durable.

You can also recline this chair and, its maximum reclining ability is 155 degrees. It has 4D adjustable arm sets that can be moved in any direction. The nylon caster wheels at the base allow you to glide effortlessly.

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Hence slim or chubby person anyone can reap the benefits of this Karnox gaming chair. 

Karnox Legend Cloth Edition

Karnox Gaming Chair Review

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Of all the designs, it is the sharpest. It will not be wrong to say that it is quite beautiful due to that two-tone leather. As the name indicates, it is cloth edition. Hence it is made up of a soft woven fabric, which is so comfortable, though the original material is PU leather. 

For people who tend to be more on the lazy side, guys, you can move around the room just sitting in one place. Isn’t that great! Talking about the rolling wheels, they are not the usual ones. The nylon caster wheels on this chair do not damage your rug, and hence are a perfect choice for those of you who have a carpeted gaming room. 

It has those 4D armrests that are entirely adjustable according to your desire. It can tilt to 180 degrees and allow you to take a nap.

The only demerit of the chair is the narrow built can be uncomfortable for people with a wider body frame.

Karnox Gaming Chair Conclusion:

If you are looking for a gaming chair with outstanding quality, sturdy built, comfortable sitting, along with a stylish outlook. Then look no further because Karnox gaming chair has proved to be a brand of hearts thanks to its highly adjustable ergonomic chairs. Notable supplier of gaming chairs in China, Karnox started in 2009, they began offering high-end gaming chairs to gaming enthusiasts all over the world. All four chairs have class 4 hydraulics to adjust the height. In the end, I’ll like to say that all the Karnox gaming chairs are worth trying and are quite durable. Mark my words, you won’t regret buying any of these.


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