Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Nano Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Nano is so named because, well, it’s 13.9 millimeters thin. It weighs 1.99 pounds, so we’ve seen the X series, and there’s always the smallest member of it like the x240. All that stuff they’ve taken it to an extreme that reminds me of some of the values of old it’s got a magnesium alloy chassis.

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Nano Review

It’s pretty rigid and a carbon-fiber casing. It’s available in our black finish and a carbon-weave finish, much as we saw with the x1 carbon, which will continue by the way as a ThinkPad and 16 by ten aspect ratio display with this 13-inch display laptop.


Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Nano Review

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So that means that it doesn’t seem relatively so small or you know, compared to something like the 14-inch x1 carbon family of laptops new intel 11th generation CPU inside that we haven’t seen before too we’re going to look at it now, obviously, it’s the apex laptop for portability.

But it’s also so we can move around more again great for work from home and speaking of working from home and schooling from home, which many of us are still doing these days shout out to our sponsor trend micro. Their home network security device, this affordable compact device, is easy to administer using your android or ios device. The ethernet cable power and you’re ready to get going. It’s a firewall.


It blocks malicious files and websites and protects the devices on your network. They can even let you know if an unknown device tries to get on your network. And if it shouldn’t be there, you can block it. I find exciting something I’ve enjoyed: the parental controls for your kids or your grandkids, depending on your age to define all the family’s kids.

You can even select an age range. This option is pretty handy to get going with the blocking you might want to do. Teens, for example, and make sure they’re not getting onto dubious websites where they shouldn’t be. You can even limit things like social networking access. These days I might want for myself to stop me from doom scrolling.

It also protects your IoT devices your internet of thing devices, so that means all the smart doorbells and backs and all that sort of thing that you have on your network to. 

Super-light laptops with mil std at testing and all that sort of thing usually they’re not so cheap, are they well this time I was surprised to see that the starting price currently on Lenovo’s website is 1350.

Usually, these sorts of laptops are often two thousand dollars and off, so that’s pretty refreshing. Here it is, a think pad, so that means it is pretty darn durable. Also, there’s not a whole lot of flex.

That’s good too, usually with you know thin.

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Nano Keyboard


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The keyboard on this still feels like a ThinkPad keyboard like smile shaped keys. All that sort of thing, but the travel is shorter. That’s the price you’re going to pay 1.35 millimeters of travel instead of the usual 1.5.

That said, it feels pretty good, you will notice the shorter travel. If you like those deep-dish think pad keyboards on larger thing pads, this probably won’t float your boat so much. The cushioning of the critical return and spring on this means it never feels harsh and punishing on your fingertips, and it’s pleasant to type on even though.

I wish it was more in-depth, but that’s the price you’re paying for that super slim design. Also like other super skinny laptops, some not even as thin as this or as light like the Dell XPS 13 or the MacBook Air and 13 inch MacBook pro we don’t have any USB ports onboard.

We have two thunderbolts four ports, so you’re going to need a dongle adapter if you want to use a USB peripheral. Have a headphone jack; that’s it. The only other connectivity is if you wish to optional 4g or 5g. This is pretty exciting connectivity for wn on this.

We have intel wi-fi 6 with Bluetooth 5 on board and it’s intel Evo certified. This means quick wake from sleep, long battery life, fast charging, those sorts of things for that specification.


Let’s talk about that CPU inside. This is a lower power you series intel 11th generation tiger lake CPU, so the ultrabook CPUs are usually 15 watts. So, this one’s ready to go between 7 and 15 watts. It’s tunable by the manufacturer, and that’s called up4 and processor lingua lingo from intel. So it could be wrong; it could be not so bad. Happily, it’s not so bad. Most of the time, we saw this using about 15 watts of power consumption.

Like we would see for a standard ultrabook CPU, so don’t get too worried about this particular model. They’ve tuned it more for performance, but how’s heat and how’s the noise it has a single fan, and it doesn’t get that noisy and even pushing and doing benchmarks.

And even though I wouldn’t use this sort of machine as a daily video editing machine doing some adobe premiere tests and stuff like that on it, it doesn’t get loud, and it doesn’t get burning hot it helps that carbon fiber isn’t like the metal it doesn’t get so hot to the touch also.

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